About Us

Aims and Objects of the Society

  • Health, Harmony & Happiness for all through Yoga and Natrual Health.
  • The society provides best of Teaching, Training, Education and Research facilities to yoga and National Health Aspirants.
  • The aim of the Society is to promote based on classical Yoga amongst the people.

Objects for which the Arogya Yoga Bharti Welfare Society is established are :

  • To act as a center of excellence in Yoga & Natural Health.
  • To develop, promote & propagate the science and art of Yoga Natural Health.
  • To provide and promote facilities of Training, Teaching and research to fulfil the above to objectives Charter of Functions.
  • To unite and provide a common forum for all lovers, followers, Preachets, Teacher’s and parvlitationers of the science of Natural Health and Yoga in the world and to enable them to improve their prospects.
  • To establish branches oflntemational, National, Regional Zonal, town and village Levels for the purpose of propagating the message of natural health and yoga to every home and individual with a view to stress upon the preventive aspects of the Science of Natural Hygiene and to help, raise the level of health of all.
  • To undertake and promote, guide and coordinate research activities in various aspects of Yoga and Natural Health, Particularly if s Promotive, promotive and curative health potential.
  • To standardize the methods and curricula for Yoga and Natural Health Education and Training.
  • To promote Yoga and Natural Health National and International level by organizing conferences and workshops and popularizing through media.
  • To compile information and propagate the existing knowledge about Yoga.
  • To develop a database on the knowledge regarding scientific discoveries, Institutions involved in Yoga research, scientists and their contribution in the field of Yoga.
  • To hold examinations and award academic distinctions in Yoga.
  • To promote and research in the studies oflndian system of medicines, homoeopathy, ayurvedic, yoga and nature cure etc.and ancient Indian culture.
  • To coordinate the integrate and activities of various schools of Yoga and for that purpose coordinate with other Institutions.
  • To promote and assist institutions in the prosecution of research, the propagation of knowledge and experimental measures in connection with the study of disease, their prevention, causation and remedy especially with emphasis for covering. The rural population of the counrty.
  • To prepare, print, publish and exhibit papers, magazines, posters, pamphlets and other printing. Modes, Periodicals and books for the furtherance of the objectives of the society to contribute to such literature.
  • To take over or amalgamate with any other society, trust, association or institutions whose Objects are similar to the society.
  • To establish renovate, maintain or grant aid to homes for the aged, orphanages or other establishments. for the relief and help to the poor, needy disabled people, orphans, Widows and aged person.
  • To establish, renovate – institutions for the physically handicapped and disabled or mentally Retarded person and to provide them education, food, clothing or other helps.
  • To accept any donation, contribution, grantor trust, society with or without conditions.
  • To purchase or to acquire, take on lease, hire or by gift or otherwise and hold movable or movables and also any rights or privileges that may be deemed Necessary and useful for the advancement of the object to the society or any of them.

Governing Body

Governing Body of the Society shall be the body constituted under Rules of the said Society. Until a Governing body is constituted under rules, the following shall constitute the Governing body and manage affairs of the Arogya Yoga Bharti Welfare Society:

Yogacharya Dr.Alok Kumar Jha

President AYBWS

Mrs.Kailash Bhatia

Founder Ex Secretary AYBWS

Dr.Sanjay Kumar Singh

Secretary AYBWS

Shri.Prabhu Narain Jha

Shri.Deo Chandra Jha


Shri.Shubham Gupta

Coordinator Delhi


Secretary Delhi Ncr

Shri.Prem Prakash Soni

Member Haryana

Smt.Padmavati Singh

Member Delhi

Shri.Satyaneshwer Prasad

Member Bihar

Shri.Sanjay Kumar Pathak

Member (President Jharkhand)

Mrs.Sasmita Dey

Member Odisha

Shri.Kunal Kumar Ramnarayan Jha

Member Maharashtra

Shri.Sushil Kumar

President Delhi Ncr

Shri.Shambhu Dayal Vijay

President Rajasthan

Shri.Ram Paul

President Assam

Shri.Ankit Kumar

President Bihar